Kilburn Museum Lab, is a component of a long-term plan to establish the Kilburn Museum, a cultural space dedicated to positively impacting Kilburn’s social fabric by implementing innovative programs and initiatives that encourage active community participation.

The project is supported by The British Academy and is a collaboration between Francesca Murialdo (Director of Interior Architecture and Design programmes at Middlesex University), the Kilburn Camden Library and the PAPRIKA Collective.

Kilburn Museum Lab//what it could be?

The project has several key objectives. Firstly, Kilburn MuseumLab serves as a catalyst for understanding and appreciating diverse cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Through workshops and initiatives, it promotes civic engagement and participation while exploring the intersection of place, space, and community. Additionally, the project challenges traditional notions of what a cultural space can be and aims to redefine the concept of a 'museum.' It seeks to transform the museum into a dynamic and influential tool in our society. By doing so, it questions the traditional role of a 'museum,' making it a community space for dialogue where the objects it exhibits expand our sense of space and place in Kilburn.

Why we would like to invite you to be part of this initiative

We are looking for projects, stories - objects, artefacts, and memorabilia as well as pictures, videos and audio contributions that will vividly portray the diverse essence of Kilburn. These narratives can encompass fascinating stories from the past or highlight the pioneering efforts of present-day individuals and organizations. Our aim is to reveal Kilburn as a place with an extraordinary blend of energy and vitality. We want these stories to be a testament to the incredible spirit that courses through the heart of Kilburn, showcasing the remarkable people and initiatives that not only have left an indelible mark on this remarkable community but that contribute every day to its development. Your contributions will help us paint a vivid and inspiring portrait of Kilburn, celebrating its uniqueness and dynamism.

Your Involvement
You can get involved in many different ways – whether it’s contributing to our workshops, sharing your insights, or offering support, there are numerous ways we can work together - please let us know if you are willing to collaborate by the 25th of October - we would be delighted to discuss this opportunity further and explore how you and/or your organisation can actively engage with Kilburn Museum Lab.