Middlesex University London
Residency within Kilburn Museum Lab
Middlesex University London invites artists and designers to apply for a residency that will take place between 22nd of April-20 June 2024

The closing date for submissions is 14 April 2024 at 23:59 p.m.

The Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at Middlesex University London is home to world-leading research, engagement and knowledge exchange which seeks to understand and teach rigorous interrogative practice, connecting its investigations to students and to other users in society. The faculty’s practice-led and text-based researchers engage with a wide range of disciplines
fine art, including photography, video installation and film, socially engaged practices; curatorial practice and material and visual cultures; animation; design including interior architecture, interior design, fashion communication and styling, fashion design, graphic design, illustration, digital media and communications

Residency at MDX FACI and Kilburn Museum Lab
Middlesex University’s Faculty of the Arts and Creative Industries are inviting applications for a residency that will take place within the ‘Kilburn Museum Lab.’ This is a British Academy and Middlesex University-funded project that seeks to establish the Kilburn Museum, a cultural space that supports and encourages active community participation in London’s Kilburn neighbourhood. The objective of the museum is to document and celebrate the diverse stories that shape the Kilburn community. It is based on materials collected through a series of knowledge exchange activities that took place with various community interested parties (Kilburn Library, local residents, etc.) during ‘Kilburn Museum Lab’ between December and February 2023/4. 

At the heart of the residency programme is the vision of generating a context for artistic production and exchange, in which artists and designers can engage with Kilburn’s residents to reflect on the conditions and possibilities of contemporary community building. It provides opportunities for artistic experimentation and socially engaged practice, where innovative practices may be tried out.

The aims of the residency are:
to enable the exchange of knowledge between the fields of art and design and Kilburn as a social and cultural space to facilitate exchange between academics, cultural producers, and community interested parties to encourage production of new work that is the result of artistic research in Kilburn 

The residency winner will be selected by a jury of experts following the open call for applications. The resident will be granted access to the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries’ facilities (including industry standard Photographic studios, 2D and 3D Print, Ceramics, Professional level digital software and technology). They will be expected to work collaboratively with the staff engaged in the Kilburn Museum Lab project, as well as independently deploy artistic methodologies to research areas of the Kilburn social and cultural fabric. For this purpose, MDX assigns a monetary award and provides a budget to facilitate the exchange with various stakeholders. Residents will be expected to present the results of their work (or work in progress) in a medium of their choice in June 2024, as well as contribute an artistic insert to a publication accompanying the project.  

*a money award of £2,000
*a production budget of up to £500 for the realization of the submitted proposal
*access to FACI studios for working
*free access to the FACI facilities
*free use of the available multimedia production equipment
*free Highspeed-DSL/WLAN Internet
*access professional artistic and art/design-theoretical advice
*technical advice if required

Professional visual/media artists and designers are eligible for the fellowship. The residency does not provide accommodation.

The selection will be made by a jury of experts based at Middlesex University and will take into account quality, originality, and significance of the proposed project and the assessment criteria as listed at point 3 in the section ‘Application Procedure’. The jury’s decision will be communicated in written form in the week beginning on the 22nd of April 2024.

Application procedure
In order to apply, please submit via email to , the following documentation
*a current Curriculum Vitae
*link to a portfolio of practice in digital format (eg. a current website or portfolio in .pdf format sent via WeTransfer)
*a concise 2-page proposal outlining an artistic research project to be conducted in Kilburn, along with anticipated outcomes.
The proposal should:
/clearly demonstrate how the project aligns with the objectives of the Kilburn Museum Lab initiative
/describe methods for facilitating the sharing of knowledge between the realms of art and design within the social and cultural context of Kilburn
/define the expected outputs and outcomes, emphasising their relevance to the local community and/or the Kilburn area.
/present a detailed, itemised budget covering expenses such as materials, equipment, and operational costs. /include a comprehensive delivery schedule, with the aim of having the project delivered or a work-in-progress outcomes by June, coinciding with the Kilburn Museum Lab event (flexibility for deadline extensions will be considered if substantial benefits are evident).
/ensure that the project does not require significant permissions from local authorities.

︎︎︎Right to Work check 
In accordance with the UKVI regulations, it is mandatory that we check the worker’s eligibility to work in the UK.  
/For UK/Irish workers:
*the worker needs to come to the office, in person with passport before the engagement begins.
*Identity Services Provider (IDSP) for UK/Irish workers: for those with UK a valid (in date) UK or Irish passport, or an Irish passport card, the University can use a certified third-party provider to undertake a document check on its behalf, if the individual consents to do so.  This will be followed with a video call to complete the check;
*Send a current or expired passport by post (special delivery) to the Faculty office and conduct an online check via video call. The passport will then be sent back by special delivery.
/For non-UK/Irish workers:
*The worker needs to provide us with a “Share Code” and their date of birth so we can complete the check via a video call.  If they do not have this, they can follow the link below to generate one.

︎︎︎At Middlesex University we are committed to Inclusivity, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all voices are heard. Therefore, we welcome proposals submitted in alternative formats such as audio or video, recognizing the diverse ways individuals may wish to communicate their ideas.

Closing date for submissions: Sunday, 14 April 2024 at 23:59

For additional information, please contact: Francesca Murialdo ( or Vlad Morariu (